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Turkey’s Hurjet, India’s TEJAS, Fight Over Malaysia’s Fighter Jet Tender Deal



India's TEJAS, Turkey's Hurjet Fight Over Malaysia’s Fighter Jet Tender Deal
(Last Updated On: December 4, 2021)

Turkey’s Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) and India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) are competing to offer the most lucrative option as the Malaysian fighter jet tenders heat up.


The Malaysian government recently confirmed six participants in the tender, along with the requirements that the claimants have to meet.

The material has recently been published by the country’s media, but has not been confirmed.

The Malaysian press reports that six jets are participating in the country’s light combat aircraft tender – and the Pakistani-Chinese JF-17 is not among them.

The six companies that submitted their bids for the production of a light fighter jet and an advanced trainer aircraft were HAL with Tejas, Aerospace Technology Systems with MiG-35, Hongdu Aviation Industry Corporation (HAIC) with L-15, Korea Aerospace. Industries are. KAI) with the FA-50, with the Leonardo M-346, and with the TAI Harjet. The Chinese JF-17, Russian Yak-130, and American T7A are no longer considered.

One of the requirements is that 30% of production must be located in Malaysia, collaborating with local companies in production or assembly, MalaysiaKini reports.

This requirement prompted at least two manufacturers to begin ties with Malaysia’s aviation industry, in an effort to secure a position that would place them on favorable terms with the government.

Turkey’s TAI has opened an office in Cyberjaya and a science park in Malaysia’s Putrajaya city on November 24, 2021, seeking to strengthen ties and keep a strong footprint in the country. Speaking at the opening ceremony, TAI’s CEO, Temel Kotil, said that if the company should win the tender, it is ready to build 15 of the Herjets ordered in Malaysia, in addition to the 13 construction projects of Turkish origin which are already running. Malaysia.

Meanwhile, at the Dubai Air Show, HAL staged an aerobatic performance apparently targeting Malaysian audiences. At the air show, the company’s Managing Director Mr. Madhavan said he was ready to modify the jet to meet the requirements put forth by Malaysia, pointing out flaws in the competing aircraft. Additionally, India immediately reminded of its intention to open multiple logistics bases in the region, with the intention of supporting the deployment of Tejas.

So far there have been no such pledges from other competing companies, although South Korea’s KAI has been pushing its proposal in diplomatic meetings since at least 2019.

Malaysia is looking to buy 18 aircraft with the possibility of buying 18 more. The tender was officially announced in June 2021 and closed on 6 October of the same year.

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